Welcome to SPHE Providing continious professional development services to teachers: We do this by providing various Inservice Courses & School Based Training throughout the academic year ranging from "Junior Cycle RSE" to "Personal Safety".
In-Service Courses

SPHE, as part of the curriculum, supports the personal development, health and well-being of young people and helps them create and maintain supportive relationships.
SPHE in Post-Primary schools is a programme for students in the Junior Cycle and builds on the experience of all children at Primary level.
What SPHE Aims to AchieveTo enable the students to develop skills for self-fulfilment and living in communities To promote self-esteem and self-confidence To enable the students to develop a framework for responsible decision-making To provide opportunities for reflection and discussion To promote physical, mental and emotional health and well-being

The SPHE programme reflects the unique ethos of each school. The attitudes, skills and values fostered in the SPHE classroom can only truly flourish in a school where all members of the school community are treated with respect and dignity.
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